Proposed Redevelopment


Client: Brunton Shaw UK


WMA were employed as Architect's and Project Managers for the £6 million phased redevelopment of the Brunton Shaw engineering works at Sandy Lane, Worksop. Brunton Shaw are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Indian engineering corporation Usha Martin. The works were to be carried out over four phases and includes both new build production facilities along with the refurbishment of existing facilities to provide improved office and staff facilities.


Phase One of the works involved significant earthworks and improvements to the site entrance.


Phase Two was the refurbishment of an existing portion of the main factory unit to form new office accommodation along with improved staff facilities.


Phase Three of the works comprise a new two-storey building providing permanent office accommodation and over 1800m² of warehouse space.


Phase Four, the final phase of the works, includes a 4900m² new production facility factory unit building  


The major challenge of the phased redevelopment was to continue the Clients ongoing business with the minimum disruption on a congested site.