Extension to the Students Union


Client: University of Sheffield

The extension to the Students’ Union at the University of Sheffield was the second phase of a major re-organisation and expansion of the existing facilities. The new building re-vitalises the spaces within a complex of three existing interconnected Listed Buildings. Listed Building Consent was granted for the development. It draws the complex together to create a new focal point at the heart of the urban campus.

Accommodation is provided on four levels with a 400 seat cinema and lecture theatre below ground at the lower level. Other facilities included are student activity areas, along with lounges and offices. A central atrium with mezzanines, link the extension to the existing building at three levels, creating a development of over 3200m².

The building is substantially glazed to provide good visibility from within and to give light and an open feeling to areas of the existing buildings at the centre of the complex.

The design attempts to link together the whole complex in a positive manner, and the curved atrium roof and brick-clad stair towers give form and definition to the structure which is highly visible from many parts of the campus.