Client: Carter Jonas



The brief was to develop a commercially aware residential Masterplan for the 19.5-hectare site at Ratcliffe Road, Sileby, Leicestershire on behalf of Carter Jonas LLP and their clients Mr and Mrs Barber.

The Masterplan sets out to be an attractive, well designed, sustainable mixed residential development which will be used to support an outline planning application.

The scheme was to be split into three zones. A residential zone, which consists of approximately 300 dwellings on 10.5 hectares, assuming a density of 30 units per hectare. The housing mix is to consist of units to suit the needs of the local community and Local Housing Strategy requirements.

6 hectares of land was to be allocated for either education or employment purposes which was to be developed to support the residential scheme. The remaining  three hectares of the land was to be allocated for Public Open Space for the use of local residents.